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This is were most of the sessions take place. In Tarim they follow a traditional system of study in which they form various halaqas (circles) of knowledge in the prayer area. The sessions take place after Fajr prayer until about 10:30am and then from 'Asr until 'Isha. The sessions include the sciences of Fiqh, Tafsir, Hadith, Grammar and Morphology, Purification of the Heart and so on.

Waiting for the next prayer in the prayer area is considered as actually being in prayer. Many of these students are either reading Quran, reviewing their daily lessons, or making dhikr.

Dar Al-Mustafa (the Abode of the Chosen One) is a traditional school of Islamic education and training. The current director of the school is the great scholar and man of piety, Habib 'Umar, whom we will see in later pictures, in sha Allah. May Allah preserve him and all there at the Abode.

Many of the people of Tarim, especially the students of knowledge there, are extremely vigilant in trying to follow each and every sunnah of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. This is one of the brothers performing the after-sunrise prayer, which the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, used to perform in the early morning after the sun was up in the sky.

Sessions are only this big on certain occasions. This particular session was after the 'Asr prayer when there is usally a general gathering, if not a lesson from Habib 'Umar himself

This is a session called the "Rowhah." It happens about 3 times a week and it is given by Habib 'Umar. In it he reads from the abridged version of Imam Al-Bukhari's book of Hadith and gives an explanation. He then reads from various books by Imam Al-Ghazali concerning the Purification of the Soul. These sessions lasts for more than an hour. It is deep. Look at the students.

This is one of the Wudu/Bathroom areas

This is typically what a student would expect for living arrangements. It is very clean and healthy there. The food is surprisingly good also. A single student living inside the school, in a room like this one, can live on less than $50 a month (yes, fifty)!!! That includes rent, food, and basic necessities.

I used to sleep in this room, when there was some time to do so. The regular student usually sleeps around 5 - 6 hours a day broken up into two sessions. The first is from about 12 midnight until about 3am, at which time they wake up to pray the tahajjud prayer. Then they remain in the prayer area until Fajr time, which is about 4:30am in the summertime, making dhikr. After Fajr, the morning sessions begin. Afterwards they can rest for a few more hours at about 10:30am or so.This schedule, of course, is for the un-married students who live in Dar Al-Mustafa.

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