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...Taman Syurga Idaman:Tarim Hadramaut Yaman(1)...

Daruz-Zahrah Hadramaut Yaman

Sekadar ingin kongsi pengalaman orang yang belajar di Yaman.Kalau lihat post bulan January 2004,ana ada postkan pasal Dar-AlMustafa,tempat dimana pelajar2 lelaki,
namun tersedia jugak bagi banat(perempuan)yang ingin belajar disana.kalau para pembaca blog ingin melihat video tentang aktiviti2 seharian mereka,halaqah2 ilmu yang diadakan di Dar-AlMustafa,sila klik disini!!.Selepas itu,klik video:'A Day in Dar al Mustafa'

Sila Baca di bawah ini,pengalaman seorang ukhti yang belajar di Daruz-Zahrah:-

In the name of Allah
May peace and blessings be upon the best of creation…

The Blessed Dar Al-Zahra in the Blessed Land of Tarim

The Dar (abode) of the beloved to the beloved. The Dar of our Sayyidatna Fatimah Al-Zahra, the beloved daughter of our Beloved Messenger Sayyidna Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) is where I found myself. It is this Dar in which I am beginning to hope to know my Lord. The secrets in this Dar are plenty and the mercy and forgiveness are pouring down continuously due to the innumerable gatherings of mahabba (love of Allah), gatherings of sisterhood, gatherings of nearness to Allah, gatherings that remove the filth from the hearts and bring forth the light that has never shone before. As one of the Sheikhs here said, “The dua’s in this place are mustajab.”

The sisters begin their day around 3:30a.m for Tahajjud; praying and reading the adhkar (dua’s and dhikr) until time for prayer. The feelings that one feels are unexplainable—calling out to their Lord at the last part of the night in a Dar so illuminated with sincere hearts! Sincere hearts all turning to the Giver of Life! The first time in my life feeling the feelings of having found that THIS IS WHAT I WAS CREATED FOR! The feeling of poverty Allah places in the heart at this time along with the knowledge of Him being our only Goal, Hope, and End are unexplainable.

Approximately 65 students live in Dar Al-Zahra at this time. Six just arriving from Singapore about 2 weeks ago, adding on to the list of countries the sisters come from. From amongst them are Indonesia, Malaysia, America, Britain, Kenya, Sweden, Egypt, the Comoros Islands, and other parts of Yemen as well.

After the morning prayer there are more adhkar until sunrise. Then we pray Salatu-Shurooq and they may eat a small breakfast until classes begin. At 7:00a.m they meet in the school for a small lesson given by one of the teachers or one of the advanced students before beginning the actual classes as a means of reminding each other of our intentions here and to bring out the himma (aspirations) before class that day. Classes are all given in Arabic by teachers from Indonesia and Yemen six days a week. The age of our classmates vary as well. You may have a 12 year old sister and a 35 year old sister in the same class! It is all based on what you already know or what level you feel comfortable in.For example, some of my teachers are younger than me and the amount of knowledge they possess is simply amazing, ma sha Allah. And this actually helps to make one strive even more. From 7:30am we begin with our classes until 10:30am, having four classes daily. The subjects are Qur’an, Fiqh, Seerah, Arabic Grammar, Adab, Tafseer, Hadith, and Tawheed, depending what day it is. Also Al-Habib Umar’s wife comes and teaches us one of Imam Al-Hadadd’s texts after we do a Mawlid on Tuesdays. All of this takes place in the school.

Outside of the classes, there are several other activities such as sessions given by Al-Habib Umar’s wife. A large dhikr session every Tuesday. A Mawlid every Thursday. A Burda recitation every Friday. Da’wah outings to nearby villages to train and prepare us for da’wah back in our countries. And Al-Habib Umar himself may visit the Dar once in a while to give us advice or a lesson on how to give da’wah. Most of his lessons, however, are listened to on the radio, as far as the women are concerned. There is a “Dar Al-Mustafa” radio station that, al-hamdulillah, we are able to listen to and hear almost everything that goes on there, ma sha Allah. Any free time the sisters have is usually spent studying, reading, reviewing, etc.

As for the sisters who live outside of the Dar, such as the married sisters like myself, we usually attend the classes in the morning then return back to our homes unless there are any other gatherings that day. We are able to stay the night or go to the Dar outside class time if we want to do that also. The married sisters all live near the Dar so we all walk to the school together or separately.

This description of Dar Al-Zahra in no way explains the true reality of what it is like to attend it. All I can say is that I feel so blessed to be in a land like Tarim surrounded by students of knowledge and scholars of this magnificent deen, and most importantly amongst the blessed and illuminated family of our Beloved Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him. We have hope in Allah that in attending this blessed Dar, in this blessed land, with these blessed people that we will be amongst the plentiful fruits that they will produce, inshAllah—the fruits that will aid in giving victory to Allah and His Beloved Messenger! (peace and blessings be upon him).

Your sister,

Tarim, Yemen
January 12, 2002

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