Tuesday, June 20, 2006

...THE DOWRA!!...

The Summer Intensive Dowra Program is a forty-day course held in the blessed city of Tarim in the valley of Hadramaut , Yemen .

The Dowra will run from the 1st July 2006 to the 10th August 2006.

Satu keistimewaan dawra ini ialah rawha habib Umar berlangsung lebih lama dan banyak berbanding dgn bulan2 biasa!!


-Tahajjud and Litanies at Dar Al-Mustafa (3:15am - Fajr)

-Dhikr and Prayers followed by 3 Morning classes
(After Fajr until approximately 8.30am)

-Breakfast (Approximately 9.00 am )

-Afternoon Rest(Qailulah)
(After breakfast till Azan)

-Zuhr Prayer (Approx 12.30 pm)

-Zuhr Lecture 12:45 pm- 1:15 pm

-Lunch 1:15 pm- 2 pm

-Rest/Revision 2 pm - 3:15 pm

-Asr Prayer Approx 3:15 pm

-Al-Rawha with Al-Habib Umar (After Asr Prayer till 5:15 pm)

-Rest/Revision (After Rawha till Azan )

-Maghrib prayer followed by class 6:15 pm- 6:30 pm

-Isha prayer followed by class 7:45 pm - 8 pm

-Evening meal 10 pm

* All classes subject to change


The 40 day summer 2006 Dowra intensive course will cost a total of $US700 excluding plane ticket and visas. The price includes:
-All course texts
-Accomodation for the 40 days
-All meals
-All transportation within Tarim


The explanation of 59 chosen Hadith
(Sidi Yahya Rhodus)

-Da'wah Methodology
How to give effective da'wah in our time and enviroment (Habib Ali Al-Jifry)

-The Prophetic Biography (Sirah)
(Habib Umar ibn Hafith)

-Prophetic Character in Da'wah
(Habib Umar ibn Hafith)

-Prophetic Etiquettes

-A comprehensive look at the adab of our Beloved Prophet (pbuh)
(Shaykh Umar Al-Khatib )

-Controversial Contemporary Issues

-Proofs of the people of the sunnah( Shaykh Umar Al-Khatib)

-Shamaail Al-Tirmidhi
Selective hadith on the description of the Prophet (pbuh) ( Habib Kaathim As-Saqqaf )

More infos about activities,food menu,application form,teachers,about tarim, Darul Mustafa,please click here! http://www.thedowra.com

Ya Allah...pulangkan aku kesana!!!


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